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Participants at the World's Biggest BLT Celebration Sandwiches & Such

Big Loaf BLT

One of the most important elements of a perfect BLT is, of course, the bacon. There should be a lot of it and it should be fried all the way ...

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Green Onions on plate Sandwiches & Such

Cheese and Scallion Toasts

And if you are feeding teenagers, you may want to keep this around, as it is a great after school and late night snack, especially when there's a growth ...

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Arugula at from Ridgeview Farm in Healdsburg Sandwiches & Such

Radish & Chive Sandwiches

These simple sandwiches are entirely dependent on the quality of the ingredients. You must have the best tasting radishes or these sandwiches will be rather dull. Likewise, you should ...

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Cheese at Joe Matos Cheese Factory Sandwiches & Such

Mexican Cheese Bread

When I operated a small pub in Cotati, we sold dozens of cheese breads a day. As soon as I added this colorful spicy version to the menu, it ...

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