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Participants at the World's Biggest BLT Celebration Sandwiches & Such

Big Loaf BLT

One of the most important elements of a perfect BLT is, of course, the bacon. There should be a lot of it and it should be fried all the way ...

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Cooked Chicken Drumstick Fish & Flesh

Chicken Alla Diavola

Please note that the chicken is rinsed to remove any lingering liquids that might influence the taste, not to remove bacteria from the chicken. Obviously, when a chicken is washed ...

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Chai and Spices Drinks

Chai: Homemade Is Best In Every Way

Of all the foods that have become available in shelf-stable containers on supermarket shelves, the one that has most puzzled me is chai. I’m always astonished to see it ...

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Carrots and vegetables on plate Salads

Marshall House Potato Salad

Back then, people were extremely fat phobic and owner Axel Roelz grew weary of people telling him that they “never used bacon” and so, when customers asked for the recipe, ...

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Freshly cooked bacon Soups

Bacon and Mustard Soup

For the best results, fry bacon until it is fully crisp. This soup is inspired by the mustard soups of the Netherlands, where there were once scores of small grocers ...

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Lingonberry Jam Jar Fish & Flesh

Swedish Meatballs

The meatballs themselves are quite simple; it is the gravy and the classic condiment, lingonberry jam, that distinguish them from others. In my version, I use creme fraiche in place ...

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