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Queso Fundido Appetizer Recipe

Queso Fundido

Sometimes I use a single cheese, most often Sonoma Jack or something similar, as it melts beautifully. I occasionally use all St. George (from Joe Matos,) as well. If I ...

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Mushrooms ready for harvest Nibbles & Snacks

Wild Mushroom Triangles

Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc., of Sebastopol is one of the world’s leading producer of specialty mushrooms, and I first made these yummy triangles using some black chanterelles and shiitakes ...

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Sautéed mushrooms Nibbles & Snacks

Crescenza with Sautéed Mushrooms

Bellwether Farms Crescenza is a young cheese made of milk from Jersey cows that graze near the Callahan’s ranch in Two Rock, west of Petaluma. It is buttery, mildly ...

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Freshly blanched and peeled Favas Nibbles & Snacks

Raw Fava Beans with Olive Oil & Pepato

Start looking for them in March at farmers markets. As the season progresses, the beans mature and their outer skin grows tougher. As long as the bean inside is tender ...

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Inamona in Hawaiiam Poke Nibbles & Snacks


Look for kukui nuts at Asian markets, where they are sometimes called candlenuts.

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Boiled Peanuts Nibbles & Snacks

Boiled Peanuts

There are all sorts of variations in the form of seasonings, from garlic, hot peppers and ginger to seaweed, sesame seeds and honey. If you happen to come across raw ...

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