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Simi Winery's Morel & Ramp Risotto Grains

Simi Winery’s Morel & Ramp Risotto

Sous Chef Sean Geske, right, and part-time cook Leland Garner, left. On May 23, Simi Winery celebrated its 140th anniversary with a wonderful fete. Among the dishes offered by executive chef ...

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Mushrooms ready for harvest Nibbles & Snacks

Wild Mushroom Triangles

Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc., of Sebastopol is one of the world’s leading producer of specialty mushrooms, and I first made these yummy triangles using some black chanterelles and shiitakes ...

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Sautéed mushrooms Nibbles & Snacks

Crescenza with Sautéed Mushrooms

Bellwether Farms Crescenza is a young cheese made of milk from Jersey cows that graze near the Callahan’s ranch in Two Rock, west of Petaluma. It is buttery, mildly ...

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