My first article, a history of Sonoma County’s legendary radio station KVRE FM, was published in 1984.

In March 1986, my first article about food, “Try Lamb for Easter,” was published in the Sebastopol Times and News. Since then, I have written hundreds of columns, essays, feature stories and blog posts for local and national publications. “Serving Werner Herzog’s Shoe”  won a 1997 James Beard Award for Magazine Feature Writing.

In this section, you’ll find new work weekly, along with treasures—think of them as my greatest hits—from my archives.


My Night with Michael Jackson

The Record Factory, a Bay Area chain of about 13 record stores throughout the Bay Area, flashed across the music business like a bright comet, lighting up the landscape of the 1970’...

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Mint Fresh

Mint: Persephone’s Revenge

The plant is named for the nymph Minthe, whom Persephone caught in the arms of her husband, Pluto. The enraged Persephone threw her on the ground and trampled her, but ...

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Luggage at Milan Train Station Narrative

Karmic Travels

The first time I went to New York, I was a very young single mother off on an adventure, the girls with their father for the summer, me leaving the ...

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