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Posole: A Fall & Winter Feast

Posole means two things, the hard corn also known as hominy and the soups and stews that call for it. Many Mexican restaurants, including in Sonoma County, offer it, typically ...

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poached cherries Article

It’s Time for Cherries!

Cherries--the Early Burlat appeared at Sonoma County Farmers Markets early this year, in mid April. Bings are abundant and Queen Annes, also known as Ranier cherries, will show up any ...

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Nutmeg wrapped in mace Fresh

Nutmeg, the Fertile Female

A single male tree can fertilize up to twenty trees, with ten considered ideal by commercial producers. Since nutmeg trees do not reveal their sex until they are about seven ...

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Mint Fresh

Mint: Persephone’s Revenge

The plant is named for the nymph Minthe, whom Persephone caught in the arms of her husband, Pluto. The enraged Persephone threw her on the ground and trampled her, but ...

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