My first article, a history of Sonoma County’s legendary radio station KVRE FM, was published in 1984.

In March 1986, my first article about food, “Try Lamb for Easter,” was published in the Sebastopol Times and News. Since then, I have written hundreds of columns, essays, feature stories and blog posts for local and national publications. “Serving Werner Herzog’s Shoe”  won a 1997 James Beard Award for Magazine Feature Writing.

In this section, you’ll find new work weekly, along with treasures—think of them as my greatest hits—from my archives.


Picture of People Working Narrative

The Foods of Sonoma & Provence

Many factors have converged over the last two decades to create this synthesis of Provençal sensibilities and Sonoma foods, not the least of which has been the influx of ...

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Spagetti and Meatballs in Thermos Narrative

How to Eat Spaghetti

Called my friend Jerry the other evening. "What's happenin' ?" I asked as I stirred onions and garlic simmering in olive oil. The aromas were provocative and ripe with promise. "Making ...

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Bouillabaisse in Provence Narrative

The Provençal Sky

Upon my return from ten days in Provence the questions, of course, have been inevitable: Is it as much like Sonoma County as you said? (Yes.) Did you have a ...

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A Burning Lei in the Lava Flow Narrative

The Phantom Microwave

I am what you could call microwave illiterate—I don’t understand its particular language and have never felt inclined to learn its unique grammar.  As a source of heat, ...

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A Young Michele Anna Jordan in Lakeville, 1974 Narrative

Lakeville Requiem

My first years in Sonoma County were spent in a small cottage on Old Lakeville Road Three, where I raised my two girls amidst the large dairy farms, undulating hills ...

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Pinot Noir Being Pressed off its skins Narrative

Sex and a Single Grape

A few years back, I was standing in line at an outdoor salmon barbecue.  Now, I’m not one to stand in line for food, I am morally opposed to ...

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MFK Fisher and Michele Anna Jordan in Photo Shoot Narrative

Carrots for Mary Frances

I spent the next afternoon reading cookbooks and gathering ingredients. Not being one who makes refined French fare very often, I  used Madeleine Kamman’s books for inspiration and the ...

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Mockingbird with a worm Narrative

Tea and Mystery

Each spring—and I imagine it is the same couple that has returned for the last three years—they swoop out over the berry vines towards the gently sloping valley, ...

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Cable Car in San Francisco Narrative

Circle of Gold

Off we went, to claim San Francisco as our own. We headed to San Francisco, to claim it as our own. My car had broken down on the way to ...

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Hand made corn torillas Opinion

Wraps Rant

All this is to say that neither those round flat circles of cooked corn masa nor the ones made with flour are wraps. They are tortillas. They have a long ...

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