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Cooked Chicken Drumstick Fish & Flesh

Chicken Alla Diavola

Please note that the chicken is rinsed to remove any lingering liquids that might influence the taste, not to remove bacteria from the chicken. Obviously, when a chicken is washed ...

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Three tacos, grilled onions, cilantro, and a bit of salsa Fish & Flesh

Poached Lamb or Goat Tongue

Once you've poached lamb or goat tongue, you have many delicious options. You can make Lambs Tongue Vinaigrette, Lambs Tongue in Saffron Sauce, a classic Persian dish, or tacos ...

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Lamb’s Tongue Vinaigrette

In earlier times, including not so long ago in California and Sonoma County, it was essential to glean as much food as possible from whatever source was available.  But with ...

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Mint Salads

Thai Salad with Lamb

I make this version most often with lamb or goat because both are raised here in Sonoma County where I live. Don't be intimidated by the long ingredients list. Once ...

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Lingonberry Jam Jar Fish & Flesh

Swedish Meatballs

The meatballs themselves are quite simple; it is the gravy and the classic condiment, lingonberry jam, that distinguish them from others. In my version, I use creme fraiche in place ...

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Chicken and Long Rice Soup Fish & Flesh

Chicken Long Rice

Chicken Long Rice is an essential part of Hawaiian Plate Lunch and is also offered separately on the menus of local restaurants. Many luaus include it.

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