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Russian Egg Potato Salad Recipe

Russian Egg Potato Salad

You can make a great warm potato salad by simply combining the warm sliced potatoes with the caraway vinaigrette. Continue on with the recipe and it becomes an extravaganza, a ...

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Roasted Mussels with black pepper Salads

Mussel & Potato Salad

Potatoes just dug from ground For the very best potatoes, with that deep earthy flavor, try to find those that have been dry-farmed. The difference is remarkable.

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Lamb’s Tongue Vinaigrette

In earlier times, including not so long ago in California and Sonoma County, it was essential to glean as much food as possible from whatever source was available.  But with ...

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Carrots and vegetables on plate Salads

Marshall House Potato Salad

Back then, people were extremely fat phobic and owner Axel Roelz grew weary of people telling him that they “never used bacon” and so, when customers asked for the recipe, ...

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