Snowflake at Atwood Ranch

One guest was not at all interested in wine, in big bottles or otherwise. Snowflake spent much of the evening snuggled in her mama's purse. She lives in Napa and ...

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Meet Bella Coola

Bella Coola, the long view Bella Coola, named for a Native tribe of Canada, was one of the stars of the Gravenstein Apple Fair. She lives on a farm in ...

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Generations of Wild Turkeys

Amidst an early season for almost everything, turkey hatchlings from one West County flock emerged later than usual this year, in early August instead of late May or June. Here ...

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Lark & Joey, Radio Hounds

Joey is a black-and-tan dappled miniature longhaired dachshund, born on October 10, 2010. Lark is a chocolate-cream miniature longhaired dachshund, born on November 29, 2012. They like to go to the radio station with ...

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A Raven at Shell Beach

Whenever Michael Valenzuela, a man of many talents including photography who lives in the high hills west of Healdsburg, visits Shell Beach, this gorgeous raven shows up for a bit ...

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Lili Butler’s Poodles

Ernie, named for Ernest Hemingway, and Issy, named for Isadora Duncan, are litter mates, together not simply since birth but since conception. They are the beloved poodles of fashion designer ...

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