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Pure Puer Tea, owned and operated by Larry and Yang Su Chin and located in Santa Rosa, sources some of the finest Chinese teas you'll find anywhere. Now they have acquired Bao Zhong, Taiwan's most famous green tea.

Teawarne from Pure Puer

I had been drinking puer tea for about ten years when I met Larry and Yang Su Chin at a local farmers market. I tried some of their black puer, the type I prefer, and have been a regular customer since my first sip. Unlike some purveyors, especially a few that are web-based, they know their teas, procure them directly from farmers, and know how to prepare them. Yang Su is fluent in the language of the farmers and speaks directly with them.

Bao Zhong Green Competition Tea, 128g

Bao Zhong Green Competition Tea, 128g

Now they have procured a rare green tea from Taiwan, grown without chemicals on an island in a drinking water reservoir by an couple in their 1970s. They describe this tea as floral and elegant. It is sold in two sizes, 300 grams and 600 grams. You can see a slide show and short video of Yang Su’s recent visit here.

They recently restocked their 2009 Superior Loose Black Puer, one of their signature teas. You can read about the tea and purchase it at their on-line store.

You’ll find Pure Puer at the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market on Saturday and the Sebastopol Farmers Market on Sunday.

The company also sells what may be the finest traveling tea set up, the new Glass Travel Buddy.

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