The Good Cook's Book of Mustard cover

Photography by Liza Gershman
Foreword by Madeleine Kamman
Published by Skyhorse Publishing; New edition

336 pages

The Good Cook’s Book of Mustard One of the World’s Most Beloved Condiments, with more than 100 recipes

Michele has now written a very lively book on the liveliest of all condiments and my very favorite of all: the lowly mustard. May this attractive volume bring all cooks and inveterate cookbook readers a joyous renewed acquaintance with this oldest and most popular taste booster.

Madeleine Kamman,  from the Foreword

The Good Cook’s Book of Mustard begins with a question: What is mustard? It is a plant, a delicious green, a seed, a condiment and also that gooey dark yellow stuff, sometimes known as the butter, in certain species of crab. The book explores mustard’s long and fascinating history and offers scores of recipes for every iteration of mustard. It includes a useful glossary, tasting notes, a bibliography and list of resources that guide you to the best mustards in the world.

Selected Recipes

Freshly cooked bacon Soups

Bacon and Mustard Soup

For the best results, fry bacon until it is fully crisp. This soup is inspired by the mustard soups of the Netherlands, where there were once scores of small grocers ...

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