More Than Meatballs cover

Photography by Liza Gershman
Foreword by L. John Harris
Published by Skyhorse Publishing; Updated edition

176 pages

More than Meatballs From Arancini to Zucchini Fritters and Everything in Between

One does not, dares not, approach a great meatball without hunger. We are, therefor, not talking her about amuse bouche–sized mini-meatballs or avant garde molecular meatballs–rounded, gelatinized beef jus, as one might fine on some trendy tasting menu in Barcelona or Copenhagen. That is not eating–that’s entertainment. But neither are we talking mega meatballs for Monsieur Gargantua. Context is everything, and Michele’s creations combine a feminine regard for both sensuality and sustenance on an appropriate scale designed for real eaters.

L. John Harris

As with all great cookbooks, More Than Meatballs is more than the sum of its parts. Michele gives valuable advice about everything from how to hold a knife to where to get good meat… but most of all, this is a truly delicious and smart collection… from someone I trust.

Clark Wolf

Selected Recipes

Lingonberry Jam Jar Fish & Flesh

Swedish Meatballs

The meatballs themselves are quite simple; it is the gravy and the classic condiment, lingonberry jam, that distinguish them from others. In my version, I use creme fraiche in place ...

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